Hereby, on behalf of the Organizing Committee, we have the great pleasure to invite entomologists worldwide and all those with an interest in insects to attend the 3rd Iranian International Congress of Entomology (IICE) which will be held in Tabriz, Iran, from 17-19 August, 2019.

The Congress will cover all aspects of entomology and will include plenary sessions, oral and poster presentations with workshop(s) being held immediately before and/or after it.  Attendance will provide an excellent forum for making new links between participants and for initiating collaborative work.

The proposed topics are:

-    Agricultural Entomology

-    Biodiversity, Biogeography and Conversation of Arthropods

-    Biological Control of Insects

-    Ecology and Population Dynamics

-    Ecotoxicology and Toxicology

-    Forest and Rangeland Entomology

-    Industrial Entomology

-    Insect Behavior

-    Insect Chemical Ecology

-    Insect Pathology

-    Insect Physiology and Biochemistry

-    Integrated Pest Management and Sustainable Agriculture

-    Medical and Veterinary Entomology

-    Molecular Entomology

-    Pest Resistant and Genetically Modified Crops

-    Quarantine

-    Social and Pollinator Insects

-    Stored Product Pest

-    Systematics, Phylogeny and Evolution

-    Urban Entomology

-    Vectors of Plant Diseases

 We are sure that participants will enjoy attending the 3rd Iranian International Congress of Entomology (2019) and look forward to meeting everyone in Tabriz where you will be warmly welcomed.

 If you have any questions relating to the symposium please contact the local organizing committee at


Organizing Committee