# Paper ID Paper Title Authors Status
1 1035-3IICE (R1) Diversity and altitudinal distribution of Phlebotomus species (Diptera: Psychodidae) in 3 counties of Kerman province, Iran Mohammad Saaid Dayer, Ismail Amiri Ghannat Saman Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
2 1034-3IICE Field Estimation of Degree –Day Development Requirements and Species Composition of Phlebotomine Sand Flies in a New Focus of Visceral Leishmaniasis in Eastern Azerbaijan Province, North-Western of Iran Teimour - Hazratian Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
3 1091-3IICE First record of Microplitis docilis (Braconidae: Microgastrinae) from Iran Parisa Abdoli, Ali Asghar Talebi, Samira Farahani Paper Accepted (Poster Presentation)
4 1021-3IICE Potential Impact of Climate Change on Global Mosquito-Borne Viruses Distribution Hamid Kassiri Paper Accepted (Poster Presentation)
5 1009-3IICE Predicting the environmental suitability for malaria vectors in Iran using ENM and GCM models and climate change scenarios Ahmadali Hanafi Bojd Paper Accepted
6 1029-3IICE Report of Chalcidoidea on cotton mealybug, Phenacoccus solenopsis Tinsley, 1898 (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) in Khuzestan province Ebrahim Tamoli Torfi, Arash Rasekh, Seyed Abbas Moravvej, Mohammad Saeed Mossadegh, Ali Rajabpour Paper Conditionally Accepted